Monday, 18 May 2015

L'Oreal Steam Pod

I have owned this piece of equipment for so long now and can't believe I didn't think about telling you all about it before!

Now this little invention really is like an iron for your hair, meaning that not only does it have the hot plates but it also has steam - hence being called the L'Oreal Steam Pod. You can buy products like hair creams to go with this to really enhance the condition of your hair and I do have one of the creams and it definitely works!

Now you would probably assume this takes a long time to do and its a treat for special occasions - as do I, but every time I use it I realise I'm wrong and with each use it gets quicker!

All you need to do is put water in the little thing (that I have no idea what to call it) attached to the straighter up to the max line to be safe. And straighten your hair being very sure that the comb within the straightener is at the bottom, and that's it! Temperature goes up to 210ÂșC and once the number stops flashing it has heated up and ready to use.

This honestly makes my hair so smooth and every time I straighten each piece it looks and feels as though I've just come out of the salon. I love this little contraption so much and it is well worth the money! The straight-ness of your hair will last for so long (trust me I just ran through a little bit of rain earlier and surprisingly my hair is still perfectly intact!)

You're about to be very pleasantly surprised by some before & after shots I tell you.

You can get this Steam Pod at quite a few different salons (Toni&Guy), independent salons, Amazon, Look Fantastic and other places!

Love El


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