Thursday, 14 May 2015

20 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

This list is for every single one of you out there reading it.
For every single one of you who doesn't love yourself enough.
I know that my readers are a load of blummin' amazing people therefore every reason here applies to you.

1. Love yourself because you're gorgeous - inside and out
2. Love yourself because you're amazing
3. Love yourself because you're extremely important generally
4. Love yourself because you're extremely important and loved by a lot of people - probably more than you think
5. Love yourself because you have an awesome personality
6. Loving yourself doesn't mean you are big headed, it can just make you feel more confident
7. Learning to love yourself can make you happier
8. Loving yourself can make you more attractive (not that you need a significant other to complete you!)
9. Love yourself because you're tough - you've been through so much and you're you still here
10. Love yourself because you're there for people - I can tell just by my comments you're all lovely people
11. Love yourself because you have an amazing figure
12. Love yourself because of your fantastic taste in clothes
13. Love yourself because you're unique to anyone else - making you very special
14. Love yourself because even though people can come in and out of your life, you'll always be here
15. Loving yourself will make you even stronger
16. Love yourself because you deserve your own love just as much as your friends, family or partners do
17. Love yourself because you'll finally enjoy alone time
18. Loving yourself is good for your mind and health
19. Love yourself because there's no such thing as perfection - stop putting yourself down
20. Love yourself because life is short

So stop being your own worst enemy and love yourself

Love El
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