Monday, 11 May 2015

100th Post!

  Join me for an imaginary drink of champagne!
(I mean it is only 11am and not a well known special occasion...imaginary will have to do)
We've made it to the 100th post mark, and whether you're new here or have been with me for quite some time, well done for sticking with me as I waffle on and on!

There are so many categories on my blog showing that this was and always has been a place for me to waffle/write about everything and anything, and in true El form I haven't stuck to one subject.

I'm one of life's fidgeters, a mover, a can-not-stick-to-one-thing-er but I NEVER would have expected to still be writing or to have at least been able to come up with enough content to fill out 100 BLOG POSTS!! So to me that is quite an achievement to be able to come up with that many different ideas.

Thank you again for joining me on this "adventure" as I called it in my first ever blog post, and lets keep travelling along together.

(P.s. I'm hoping my inspiration never runs out)

Hope you enjoyed that imaginary drink

Love El
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