Monday, 10 August 2015

4 Themed Instagram Profiles You Should Follow

Now I am seriously, just like most other people, on the hype for themed Instagram profiles. That moment when you go onto someone's profile and everything matches, ah it is just so satisfying!

I am attempting to get my Instagram themed, I am slowly getting there, but these are the 4 profiles you NEED to follow because there themes are so on point (on fleek? Am I trendy now?...No, didn't think so!) And by themed I basically mean that all pictures compliment each other and are basically like a little family!

And here's my Instagram just if you're interested!
At the minute my theme is more on the blue side.

I love Alex's theme, its almost like a muted grey/blue colour throughout her images and I definitely want mine to start to look like this!

Lauren's theme is quite a light faded, soft look, which again I love and want to incorporate into my images!

Meghan's theme is a very white look, which looks so clean!

Sarah's is quite a beautiful bright theme! Sarah's photos also look fantastic together because of her borders - I once used borders but have now moved away from them!

What are your thoughts on themed Instagram accounts?
Do you have any favourites or maybe you just aren't that bothered about having a theme?!

Love El
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