Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ankle Boots Lust List

With the colder months drawing in (well they're pretty much here) I always look forward to being able to wear boots again, and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way!
I just love boots, they're comfy, warm and can look amazing. So I have put together this blog post with a couple of pairs of boots from 5 different stores and wanted to share it with you.
(Click the images to take you straight to the boots online)

Miss Selfridge
I wanted to start with Miss Selfridge because I am officially obsessed with the embroidered boots in the left image! However they are £85 and I definitely cannot justify that amount of money on boots that could be out of fashion soon, although they are amazing! I also LOVE these contrast zip boots that are an elegant twist on the plain black ankle boot.

River Island
If you were looking admiringly at the Miss Selfridge embroidered boots but they're out of your price range, worry not as River Island have created their own! These River Island Western style boots would be perfect for adding a twist to an outfit, perhaps a twist on a feminine outfit.

Following on with the Western style ankle boots, I have some serious Chloe Susanna boots dupes for you, so if you love those you'll love these Office dupes on Asos! I thought that since this post has been very black themed I would add in these beautiful sand coloured boots from Faith on Asos.

Zara make some seriously nice boots and sticking with the no black theme just a little longer I think these grey boots are definitely of that high standard. Then just going back to the black boots I think these high heeled classic black boots look stunning.

Jack Wills

Chelsea boots have become an absolute essential for me over the colder months and I'm definitely lusting over these 2 pairs from Jack Wills, and look, they're not black!! (Although you can buy them in black if you want to)

New Look
Just a bonus pair of ankle boots for you.
I tried these on yesterday in New Look and fell in love, I love the higher heel with the gold accent, think I'm going to have to go back and buy them!

I hope I haven't made you want to spend too much money, but sorry if I have!!
(I definitely want to spend a lot of money now!)

Love El

Monday, 3 October 2016

Cornwall - September 2016

It just wouldn't be the same if I came back off holiday and didn't post some pictures of my time away!

This post would be way too full of photos if I showed you every image I took while away but I really wanted to show you these images I took on Harlyn beach.
I'm not sure there is anything I'd rather see whilst standing on the beach then the sight of 3 horses being ridden up the beach and then through the sea! It was amazing and I wanted to share the photographs.

Love El
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