Thursday, 7 May 2015

3 Makeup Products I Couldn't Live Without

Now of course we all have those no makeup days but at the same time I really do love makeup and creating new looks, but these are the products I really couldn't live without.

Now this all sounds really dramatic, I mean I could live without makeup but I'd rather not and the people who would actually have to see me would probably feel the same way BUT I'm saying if I could only choose 3 makeup products to use forever then these would be my 3.

Now, to be honest, I was going to make this specific about the products but I think I would actually use these specific brands of products too. So first HAS to be concealer, like yes please NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY wants to see El Willmer's dark circles not covered up. I definitely would pick concealer as one of my must-have products, as it can cover a multitude of sins, and can just make you feel that little bit more confident in yourself. I love this one by Collection and I'm sure you've heard all about it before but it really is so fantastic, the coverage is incredible as is the lasting power and just everything about it.

Secondly a mascara is very important to me because it INSTANTLY changes how my eyes look. I am really not a fan of my eyes at all but as soon as I apply mascara they are suddenly so open, as I naturally have straight lashes so this makes a big difference to me, I would have to have an eyelash curler. I would certainly choose Maybelline's The Rocket Waterproof Mascara because I definitely trust this one as I have been using it for ages. 

Just a tip, if you're like me with straight lashes then I can certainly recommend a waterproof mascara because, even though its difficult to get off it will hold the curl all day!

And finally you can't go wrong with a bit of bronzer, now I love Benefit's Hoola Bronzer more than any other bronzer and actually can't see myself using a different one! I would use this to not only contour to add shape to my face but to also add some colour to my skin, as otherwise I am so disgustingly pale.

And those are definitely the 3 products I couldn't live without!

What 3 products could you not live without?

Love El
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