Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lips of the Day

Another bold colour for today's "Lips of the Day" post but something a bit brighter than the last.

I fell in love with the lipstick quite a while ago when a friend of mine got me to borrow hers for a photography class photo-shoot, I instantly loved it and had to go out and buy it! Of course when I borrowed hers I wiped it with a tissue first.

Now this lipstick does have 2 ends so you can create an ombre look but personally I do only use the one side - as photographed.

I love this Max Factor Flipstick although the texture is slightly odd and rough but it is beautiful and for me it isn't drying. The lasting power of this lipstick is incredible! I wore it for a whole day out including a meal and only had to do one touch up!

And here is the Max Factor Flipstick:
Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick - 30 Gypsy Red

This lipstick is a beautiful bright red, with a different undertone colour that makes it feel a tiny bit neon and summery. A lot different to other reds I've tried but I love it for whatever season!

Love El

Monday, 27 October 2014

19th Birthday Hair and Makeup

Now you may or may not know but last Thursday (23rd October) was my 19th birthday and therefore I thought I would post what I did with my hair and makeup! Considering my birthday celebrations went from day to night I decided to do something that would fit for both times of day.

My makeup was just all neutral, incorporating pink and gold . Unfortunately the pictures are not showing the warmth and deep rose gold or the crazy, fantastic glitter from my MAC pressed pigment but it is showing the general look! I decided to curl my hair with GHD straighteners as I know, for me, this is as quick as straightening. I went for beachy waves, however at the moment I am using a Primark mini jaw clip to clip up the front sections of my hair. This is just due to the fact that whilst my ear piercings are still healing I'm desperately trying to not get my hair caught! (Showering is difficult I tell you!)

Products used: (From left to right)

Above with flash.

Above without flash.

Taken on phone to try and show warmth. 

Hope you enjoyed this look! 
I'm a bit gutted that you can't see the full amazing impact the eye makeup look made!

Love El

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mascara Routine

Due to the fact that my blog posts are posted every Monday and Thursday at 11:00am that means when this gets posted it is officially my 19th birthday!!! That also means Monday's post will be the hair and makeup I did for my birthday.

I have officially decided to do a mascara routine due to the lovely comments and questions I get about my eyelashes. Now I have posted the products I use in several different posts but this will show the exact products I use as well as how I use them, step by step.

The Products:

The Steps:


This step is absolutely necessary for me as although I have naturally long eyelashes (thanks to dad's genes) they are also very naturally straight, therefore I have to curl them. I use the Primark £1 eyelash curlers and these work perfectly for me.


I apply a coat of the Jordana mascara on my bottom lashes first, then after that I apply 1 coat of the Maybelline mascara to my curled top lashes. I use a waterproof mascara as the first coat due to the fact waterproof mascara holds the curl.


I then apply a coat of the Topshop mascara to my top lashes for some volume and length.


I finally apply some more Jordana mascara on my bottom lashes and a tiny bit on the top lashes and then I am done.

Now that seems a lot but it really really takes no time at all! And you could probably use the Jordana mascara OR the Topshop mascara, you don't need them both, I use the Topshop one as it was a gift from my amazing friend Beth! (Whose YouTube channel you can check out HERE)

(I know a few people may not like how I do my lashes as everyone has different opinions, however I love to have bold dark lashes as I feel this really opens up my eyes, and I don't like how my eyes look when I don't use this routine.)

Love El

Monday, 20 October 2014

Lips of the Day

For this next instalment of "Lips of the Day" we have a dark berry lipstick. This berry lipstick is by Mac and even though that means it is on the pricier side it is such a gorgeous colour!

Now I don't actually have a lipliner similar to this colour/any where near the colour and so went for a nude liner instead.

This lipstick is not only a gorgeous a colour but is very moisturising and goes on so nicely! And of course it is a perfect shade for Autumn/Winter.

So the combination is:
Grimas LipLiner - 892
Mac Satin Lipstick - Rebel

I love this lipstick colour so so much!
Would you wear it?

Love El

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holiday Makeup Bag AND Rabbits

Now from the title of this post you may be thinking "makeup and rabbits? El's really lost it!" BUT if you read to the very end of this post you will understand I promise! I haven't totally lost it!

You're probably thinking also that this post is a little late considering I blogged about my Cornwall holiday 2 weeks ago BUT I've actually been away this past week in Cornwall again! So from this time in Cornwall I thought I would blog about what is in my holiday makeup bag. I did want to take beautiful pictures where the sun has been shining, but as we didn't have much sun that wasn't going to happen!

In my holiday makeup bag (Cath Kidston) I make sure I take my staple makeup pieces so I don't panic in the mornings and think "WHAT HAVE I BROUGHT WITH ME?!?" Even though there is a fair few products here I pick and choose out of the selection as to what I need that day. Or sometimes if I'm having a bad face day I will use all these products.

Maybelline - Baby Lips in Hydrate

Bourjois - Power Perfection Foundation No.52 (Discontinued, but might be on Ebay)
Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
Natural Collection - Pressed Powder in Cool (Only £1.99 and is AMAZING)
Benefit - Hoola Bronzer
W7 - The Cheek of It! Blush in Pink Champagne (This colour is not on their website)

Smashbox - Lipstick in Pop of Pink (Part of the Pop of Pink set)
Mac - Amplified Lipstick in Imagine This (Part of the Festive Face Kit)
Rimmel - Moisture Extreme Lipstick in 633 Desert Bloom

Primark - Eyelash Curler (£1!!!)
Maybelline - The Rocket Mascara in Waterproof
Topshop - 3D Curve Mascara
Jordana - Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara in Black

Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
Barbara Hoffman - (This Brush Was A Gift)
Real Techniques - Blush Brush
No7 - Eyebrow Brush (Part Of A Set)
Mac - 266 Small Angled Brush (Mine Part Of Festive Face Kit - 266 SE)
Mac - 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush (Mine Part Of Festive Face Kit - 275 SE)

Now I would assume you are wondering what these rabbits are doing on this blog post, well whilst I have been away in Cornwall the house I stayed in (Rock Pipit) had so many rabbits each day and it was just fantastic. Now if you know me or have read an old post of mine (My Mini Lop) you will know I just love rabbits so much! So having about 10 in our garden and 10 in the neighbour's gardens was pretty fantastic for me and a sort of substitute whilst my rabbit, Alfie, was in boarding for this holiday!

Love El

Monday, 13 October 2014

Lips of the Day

My thoughts were that as well as doing random posts for "Nails of the Week" I would start to do "Lips of the Day". As we're coming into Autumn and then Winter these posts will be full of different bold and lips rather that just nudes!

Today is a dark nude colour that is basically the whole 90's/Kylie Jenner look, but A LOT cheaper! There is one Mac product but its definitely not a must for this look. At first I wasn't too sure about the dark nude lip look but then I watched Alison Henry's "My Go-To Look" video and fell in love.

I usually apply transparent powder over the top in order to make my lips matte but unfortunately I did not have it to hand, so there is a slight glossy look to my lips. 

Now the Kylie Jenner lip look is created by Mac's Whirl Lip Liner and Mac's Velvet Teddy Lipstick (eventually I may own them both but right now £28 to own them seems a lot!) I have also heard her combination might be Mac's Spice Lip Liner on it's own or with Mac's Twig Lipstick.

 Bare Lips.

 Just the Lip Liner.

First Lipstick. Now you could leave it here for a real dark nude but I like to
lighten it slightly.

 Second and Final Lipstick.

(Anyone else notice that one eye is slightly cross-eyed, don't know what happened there!) And this is how the final lips look, the colour in this picture is pretty accurate to real life.

 Red Lipstick Bullet - Maybelline Moisture Extreme.
Black Lipstick Bullet - Mac Glaze.
Lip Liner - Rimmel 1000 Kisses.

 Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick - 633 Desert Bloom
Mac Glaze Lipstick - Hue
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner - 050 Tiramisu

I am definitely loving this dark nude look at the moment and I'm pretty much wearing it everyday! Next "Lips of the Day" will probably be a darker lip, but I haven't quite decided yet!

Love El

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Silver and Blue // Jewellery

Recently I have bought a new ring and had 3 new ear piercings so I thought it would be wrong to not blog about jewellery! 

This blog is based around silver and blue jewellery, which just makes me think of ice and Winter for some reason! I'm pretty sure it's to do with the colours and NOT the fact my watch is by Ice!

First up is my left ear, so as you can probably tell this is where 2 of my new piercings are. I got my helix and second lobes done at A Fine Tattoo Establishment and they were fantastic, the lady who did mine has now left but she was amazing. Therefore I just have silver studs. I just want to add ALWAYS have your piercings done by a needle and NEVER a gun! 

The teardrop earring I have is from a small, independent shop called John Garland-Taylor. I bought these at the very beginning of 2014 and they're still one of my favourite pairs. (His name is linked to his website, but if you happen to live close to Hatton Country World then definitely visit the independent shops.)

No Flash.

In my right ear I just have the same earrings, and in between those earrings is a delightful chicken pox scar which I have had forever and I do not appreciate!

No Flash. This picture really shows the true colours of the teardrop earring.

Next up is my watch, I love this watch, probably because the face is one of my favourite colours! There's not too much to say about this watch other than it tells the time and works! This in an Ice-Watch and they have so many gorgeous designs, colours and shapes it was tricky to pick just one.
 (Clearly didn't wipe off that swatch of eyeshadow properly!)

These rings are my everyday rings, I am not keen on the 2 rings separately, as they're very thin, but together I love them. My mum gave me these as they did not fit her and, between you and me, I'm glad they didn't because I really love them! However, I do not know where they are from I'm afraid.

And last up is these 2 rings. These are certainly not my everyday rings purely because they're so pretty I'd be worried about wearing them all the time. These beautiful silver rings were picked up on trips to Cornwall at a shop in Padstow called Blue Wing Gallery. The crescent moon ring is the newest of the 2 and I fell in love with it straight away. I am fascinated by the moon and think it is so gorgeous therefore this ring was made for me! The ring with the turquoise gem is like the Blue Wing Gallery's logo but also reminds me of a wave, and you may already know I am obsessed with the sea so that means this beautiful piece of jewellery was basically calling my name in the shop! 

p.s. I did not realise how pale I am until seeing these pictures!
p.p.s. all the shop links are there, just click on the blue writing and you will be taken to their website.

Love El
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