Thursday, 21 May 2015

Gold // Jewellery

A new jewellery blog post today including only Primark necklaces and New Look rings! 

I love New Look and Primark for inexpensive jewellery, they have great designs and if you're looking for something a bit different and not a staple piece then I think they are the places to go!

I was always a girl to love only silver pieces but that has TOTALLY changed recently and I'm starting to wear more gold pieces as I feel it goes well with my skin tone. I also love layering necklaces at the moment (basically because I want to be Meghan Rienk's) and so I actually layered these necklaces from Primark. The shortest and longest necklace came in a pack of 3 with another and the middle necklace was on its own for only £1.50!! 

Then the rings I actually bought quite a long time ago from New Look and I'm pretty sure they were a pack of 5 rings, being a mixture of midi and regular rings.  

I really love wearing more jewellery in the Summer (not that the weather has been any sort of representation of Spring OR Summer!

What is your favourite jewellery metal to wear? 

Love El

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