Monday, 31 August 2015

Hardwick Hall - Summer 2015

For my cousin's 22nd birthday we visited the beautiful National Trust property Hardwick Hall.

We ended up being so lucky with the weather this day, it was boiling hot and complete blue sky as we walked around and had a picnic but then when we went to the cafe we missed the almighty downpour and thats the only time it rained!

My cousin decided this was the place to go as she found it so interesting and wanted another visit. The stories behind this place are, honestly, really interesting! The second image is actually a ruin of the first house but the owner decided when she moved back that she was actually so rich she'd just build another one next door (wouldn't you love to be that rich?!)

If you ever have a chance to go or to read up about the history I really recommend it, as the story behind this place is a bit more...juicy and scandalous then normal!

And as you'll see, it may have been my cousin's 22nd but that doesn't stop her from dressing up! Although who wouldn't dress up when there are were so many opportunities.

Love El

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Is It Weird To Have A Favourite Salad Brand?! Feat. Florette Salad

After being approached and asked to feature Florette Salad on my blog I jumped at the chance and decided to show you guys a perfect side salad for all meals and a chicken wrap!

This opportunity to feature Florette came at a perfect time as I have been needing to show more recipes again, and what better way then to show you some using my favourite type of salad?! (P.s. is that weird that I have a favourite type and brand of salad? I hope not....)

First up I thought why not show you a perfect side salad to any meal, or to eat by itself. Now of course you can alter some toppings as you wish but this one was a massive hit with my whole family!

Now of course the main star is Florette's salad in Crispy, and I used this as my base for the other toppings. After chopping up some red pepper, red onion, tomatoes and cucumber, I then grated some carrots and placed these in, a some what, pretty way on top of my Florette Salad.

Next up is this, not too bad for you, chicken, mayo and salad wrap. This is so so easy to make yet tastes seriously amazing! First starting with a wrap placed on my plate, I then spread a small amount of mayonnaise just for the taste. Once those bits are laid out I put a lot of Florette's crispy salad as a bed for the chicken. Then on top of the salad leaves you can add whatever chicken you would like (or anything you want), I just used some chicken breast that my mum had previously cooked, and all in all this wrap really is delicious!

For some amazing low calorie meals be sure to check out Florette's website HERE!
Florette is also running a 3 healthy meals a day, 5 days a week meal plan, which I seriously think I'm going to try out!

Love El

P.s. please check out my new YouTube video!


Monday, 24 August 2015

Makeup Moodboard

Following on from my thoughts of "how can all these people on Pinterest be so perfect", you can just hear Chandler saying "could they BE any more perfect?!" We are now looking at home perfectly people do there makeup, seriously how are they so amazing, how much blending must they have done, and how much magic dust went into the look?!

These are just a few of my favourite looks from my makeup board on Pinterest.

I seriously want to be able to do some of these looks because just wow!!!!!

Seriously this to me is just a moodboard of makeup perfection, you just don't know where to look!

Love El

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Cotswold Village of Bibury - Summer 2015

I'm sorry but what is this so called Summer at the moment?! I mean I am all for cold British Winter! And I'm also picking up on everyone else thinking this is a rubbish Summer!

Yesterday I went with my best friend Jess, her mum and my mum to Bibury, for Jess's mum's birthday, a beautiful little village, in the Cotswold (other than Cornwall the Cotswold villages are my favourite places to be.)

Now, again, just like with my Hanbury images, these are not spectacular as it was raining! So these were taken whilst trying to balance an umbrella in my other hand, but I couldn't not share them!

And just a quick fact for you, the artist William Morris actually called Bibury "the most beautiful village in England" so I really wanted to share these snaps with you!!

Again I apologise about the rubbish quality but you can tell by the sky how awful the weather was yesterday!

Love El

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hanbury Hall - Summer 2015

As it is my uncle's birthday today we took the time to have a nice afternoon out yesterday as it was a weekend day (we are doing something today as well, just in case you're thinking what meanies not celebrating it on the day!) 

Basically, we went to a National Trust property called Hanbury Hall, and I thought, for if you're ever close by, to show you what its like! Now these photos really aren't spectacular as the weather wasn't fantastic and they are taken on my phone BUT I thought why not show you anyway!

Hanbury is a gorgeous property if you ever fancy going I would definitely recommend it!

Love El
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