Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Nails

As we are getting closer to Christmas I feel like I can't be the only one who starts to plan what there makeup is going to look like for the day/special events! But not only do I like to think about my makeup, I also like to think about Christmassy nails designs because I love doing my nails!

So I thought I would share some images I have found on google that may inspire you too!

You can also get some amazing fake nails with beautiful designs for this time of year too!

Love El

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter at Waddeson - 2015

On Sunday my family and I visited the beautiful National Trust property, Waddesdon. Around this time each year they have a Christmas fair, decorate the interior of the house and basically it is just a haven for anyone who loves Christmas! So I thought I would share some of the images I got to hopefully get you in a Wintery mood.

I did a blog post of when I went last year, so click HERE if you want to see that.
I also did a short video of my time at Waddesdon this year, check it out HERE!

I loved every room, but my favourites were probably Narnia and Peter Pan, because who doesn't Narnia and Peter Pan....

Love El

Monday, 30 November 2015

3 Cities in the Snow

This post is clearly carrying on from Thursday's post and I obviously can't get Winter out of my head.
I wanted to write this blog post as I find something so calming about seeing cities in the snow, it suddenly feels like that hustle and bustle falls away and everything is more peaceful. I reality that is totally wrong and people are just annoyed that its cold and snowy, and in some places the heavy snow can be so disruptive, but I'm going to stay over here in my little fantasy world.

1. London

2. New York

3. Toronto

Love El

Images from google

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter Homeware Inspiration

I definitely cannot be the only one who loves making their bedroom (/entire house) cosy and Winter ready, right?

I adore Christmas themed cushions and fairylights galore when it gets to this time of year, therefore I thought I would make a Winter bedroom decor wish list/inspiration post!

If you're from the UK or have these shops, I definitely think The White Company, Next, Marks & Spencer and Asda are the best for cute Winter decor!
Hope you get some inspiration!

Love El

Monday, 23 November 2015

Iconic Makeup Through The decades

I love looking at history of beauty, fashion and just generally the lives of people throughout time and so today I thought together we could look at iconic makeup from 1920's-1960's.

1920's Iconic Makeup:
The 1920's saw the era of "The Flapper" and makeup was now regularly used, and could be easily found. Lips and eyes were given the most attention, generally using red lipstick and creating a dark eyed look.

1930's Iconic Makeup:
During the 1930's there was even more progression in how people viewed makeup, Elizabeth Arden opened a salon and people were now being hired to apply makeup. This decade saw mature women wear lipstick and if the young wore it, it was seen as rebellion and frowned upon.

1940's Iconic Makeup:
1939-1945 was an incredibly difficult time, of course, due to the second world war. Money was very tight and women became creative when they wore makeup. Gravy or tea soaked cloth was used to create stockings and charcoal used to create a seam, and no smear lipstick was created by women. Concentration camps saw women cut themselves and use their blood in order to use to add colour to their cheeks in hope that the guards would find them attractive and then hopefully they could escape death.

1950's Iconic Makeup:
In the 1950's makeup became a necessity. Lipstick had been the most popular product but the focus changed to eyes. Style icons of the 1950's were Audrey Hepburn with her cat eye makeup, Brigitte Bardot with dark sultry eyes and pale lips, and Marilyn Monroe. Coloured mascara also became a thing!

1960's Iconic Makeup:
1960's makeup saw the influences of the Mod Trend, starting in London. The 60's makeup was about hollowed cheeks, dramatic eyes (mascara/fake lashes). Twiggy's look is very iconic.

The 60's didn't only have the Mod Trend makeup looks but also the hippie makeup looks. These looks were natural, little makeup was worn, but vibrant colours were used.

Which is your favourite era of makeup?

Love El
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