Thursday, 28 May 2015

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

Everyone has to start somewhere with makeup, and if your anything like me you have to know research anything before you buy, SO today I'm going to show you the first items I bought to start off my kit. I still use these products today (obviously not the ones I bought 3 years ago though..) and I love them.

When it comes to my base makeup I love to make sure that firstly, I do not have heavy makeup as I hate being able to feel that I have makeup on, and secondly I do love to make my face a clean and blank canvas for the rest of my makeup. 

The foundation I bought that I stuck with and used to get me so many compliments is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation. There are so many reviews and good comments on this foundation so I'll add mine, I love it! Now if you do feel you need some extra coverage I can not recommend this concealer enough, and for only £4.19 you NEED this concealer. And finally I do like to powder my face to keep my face some what matte throughout the day and my choice has to be Natural Collection's Pressed Powder at only £1.99, you can't go wrong!

I personally then like to put back some colour into my face and to do that I love using bronzer and blusher. Sleek's blush in Rose Gold is perfect for everyone and every skin tone, this is a fantastic blush because due to the gold shimmer in it, it acts as a blush and a highlighter. Now when I go for a bronzer I usually choose a matte one so that I can contour with it too if I want to! So for your drugstore makeup starter kit I would recommend Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Compact Powder, which despite the name you can get in matte.

Then finally for the finishing touches, I can't go without my Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara to keep my lashes curled. If you're like me and have very straight eyelashes that don't want to defy gravity then definitely opt for a Waterproof one as they hold the curl! Then for the brows, I never used to do my brows but once you find the right technique and product you'll always want to do your brows. Now I do use the Benefit Browzings Kit, but I have heard that Sleek's Brow Kit is an amazing dupe. And then to make sure I don't have foundation lips, I think when starting a makeup kit it is best to start out with a nude lipstick and my choice is Sleek's Barely There True Colour Lipstick, I still love this so much it is just such a gorgeous colour that I believe would suit everyone!

I hope this post could help you out a little bit to learn about some products I've always loved!

Love El
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