Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer Farfetch Wish List

The other day I ended up on the dangerous website of Farfetch.
And by dangerous I of course mean dangerous for my bank account!

I had heard about Farfetch so many times but when reading Krystal Couture's blog it was mentioned, and this time I actually visited, I can't believe I haven't looked sooner!

Here are some of my Summer pics from the site:

I then just had to show 2 stunning dresses, I didn't delve too far into the dress section because it was just too beautiful I just think my heart was going to burst.

But first is this incredible Oscar de la Renta - Flower Embellished Dress

Then this Zuhair Murad - Embroidered Design Flared Dress absolute beauty, which is almost too beautiful for me to handle!
If I were to be a dress, I think I'd have to be this one (that got weird, quick...)

Now these are clearly extremely expensive items, but it's always nice to have a browse, see what's out there and sometimes see if you can get cheaper alternatives!

Love El

Monday, 25 July 2016

Power of makeup

This trend has probably been overdone now but I thought I jump on the band wagon and post my "Power of Makeup".
I did this at the best time possible as my skin decided to give me some spots for the first time in months and therefore this really does show the power of makeup! You can also see how bad my dark circles are, they're always there whether I drink enough water or get enough sleep, I honestly think I'm just going to have to learn to love them!

(Highlight looking good!)

If you have done a "Power of Makeup" post I would love to see it, so please link it in the comments!
(Also very glad that these spots have gone since taking these photos!)

Love El

Monday, 11 July 2016

My MAC Lipstick Collection

After wanting to do this blog post for so long I counted my MAC lipsticks to discover I had 13, which I believe is enough to warrant a MAC lipstick collection post!
I won't ramble on as there's quite a few images!!

Summer Shower - Glaze 
(Basically bought it because it looks like fairy dust!)

MLLE - Glaze 
(Really good for going on top of a lipstick to lighten it)

Hue - Glaze 
(My favourite)

Overtime - Pro Longwear

Gotta Dash! - Sheen Supreme

Velvet Teddy - Matte 
(The famous Velvet Teddy of course has to be in my collection, this and Hue are a match made in heaven!)

Imagine This - Amplified

Whirl - Matte

Stone - Matte

Rebel - Satin 
(An Autumnal favourite)

Prolong - Pro Longwear

Russian Red - Matte

Diva - Matte
(Got to love yourself a red lip or a deep red lip, hence the past three lipsticks)

Those are all of my MAC lipsticks!
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Love El

Monday, 4 July 2016

9 Tricks to combat a flat mood

You can either wake up in a flat mood or they can come on gradually, either way they SUCK!
Recently I've realised that I tend to wake up in a flat mood rather than getting one gradually, and I've also worked out that my flat moods happen because I'm tired.
There could be many reasons why a flat mood can happen to you but these are some tricks I've found that can help to combat a flat mood.
(I've also just come back after a 2 week holiday by the sea and let's say I'm less than pleased to be back home where there's no ocean in sight, so I'll be using these tips!)

1. The first thing I would say is maybe try and figure out why you're in a flat mood! I have figured out that when I get the occasional "meh" mood it is always because I'm tired!

2. Try and do something you love in every day. Now obviously you won't be feeling flat all the time but my dad recently told me that you should try doing something you absolutely love everyday, whether it's something small or big.

3. If you have a free day then maybe arrange to see a best friend, or partner, or a day out with a family member, sometimes you just need to get up and moving!

4. Sticking with the get up and move theme, maybe just go for a walk around your area or even drive to a place you love and take a wander!

5. Totally contradicting the get up and go, maybe what your body needs is a total relax. I feel that as humans we can sometimes push ourselves very hard and do things that wear us out without realising and so you should take some time (a day, an evening, an hour) and relax.

6. I have a massive love for photography, makeup, baking and creating/changing clothes on my sewing machine, and so if I'm feeling flat then I'll just do one of these. Definitely find an activity you love and embrace it!

7. MUSIC! Music is such a massive help to take your mind off anything, although if your flat mood can make you feel down then I wouldn't recommend sad songs, unless you want to cry it all out! But definitely put on your favourite upbeat music and maybe even have a dance around or belt out the lyrics.

8. Drink plenty of water, and get some fruit and veg in you! Your body will seriously appreciate the nutrients and so will your mind. Of course you should be doing this anyway but definitely on a day where your mind is not quite itself it's important to be eating and drinking the right things.

9. Just embrace the flat day! I find flat days can be caused by a number of reasons but for me specifically it's because I'm tired so just embrace it, feel a bit sorry for yourself and remember it's a bad day NOT a bad life.

Love El
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