Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Mascara Routine

I did a mascara routine not that long ago (well October last year) but I know do my mascara slightly differently and wanted to let you all in on how I do it now!

I do actually use the same products barring one. I still use Maybelline's The Rocket mascara and Jordana's Best Lash Extreme Mascara with Primark's mascara but I just don't make my lashes so "clumpy".

First up I curl my lashes, and how amazing are these curlers considering they are £1 from Primark!!!

First I put on my layer of Maybelline's The Rocket Waterproof mascara on my top lashes. In case you didn't know here's a tip: if you have really straight lashes like me then curl them and add a waterproof mascara, it may be annoying to get off but it holds the curl ALL DAY!

Then I apply a little of Jordana's mascara on my bottom lashes, as I feel I just look bizarre without mascara on my bottom lashes!


What are your favourite mascaras?

Love El

Monday, 27 July 2015

Feeling Blue // Jewellery

Now I'll tell you whats actually quite tricky, coming up with sort of witty titles for these jewellery blog posts, obviously I'm not really feeling "blue" but was just trying to be a bit clever with the name.

I'm not entirely sure what I have shown out of these 2 jewellery items before but I do just feel they go very well together.

I do believe I have shown this ring before, this ring was the first more precious piece I was gifted, so thank you mum and I still love it just as much as the day I received it! This ring, to me, not only looks like the symbol of the company "Blue Wing Gallery" but also reminds me of a wave, and we all know I have an extreme love of the sea.

Taking to blue from the ring I paired it up with these gorgeous turquoise disc earrings that were from a gallery in Padstow. My grandma very kindly bought them for me and I think they're are a gorgeous set. The striking colour with the silver border just appeals to me, and every time I see them I love them even more!

I have recently started putting different earrings in my second holes now as I have decided they must be healed by now, and I also bought some new earrings to put in them so I can't wait to show you those!

Love El

Thursday, 23 July 2015

7 Easy, Healthier Food Alternatives

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Now I am the first to admit I definitely don't eat the healthiest and need to do better. But with saying that there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to something naughty now and again!

Here are some tasty and healthy alternatives, because I now I feel better when I eat healthier!

  1. The obvious, swap sweet things for fruit!
  2. Swap those potato chips for sweet potato chips
  3. Change your squash/cordial for fruit infused water
  4. Have quinoa or brown rice instead white rice
  5. Opt for brown bread instead of white bread where you can
  6. Instead of going to the cupboard for crisps have a snack on flavoured rice cakes OR at the moment I really really like Rivita Flatbreads!
  7. There are so many flavours of Popcorn out at the moment, which really aren't bad

Also a tip, when you're feeling hungry have a drink first, because a lot of the time you might be thirsty instead of hungry!

Love El

Monday, 20 July 2015

Jean Watts Inspired Makeup

Welcome to this brand new makeup look! And I just wanted to show you it because I personally think it is gorgeous and glamorous. 
This look is inspired by the beautiful Jean Watts, and is taken from my brand new YouTube video:

So lets get started:

First I applied L'Oreal's Lumi Magique foundation is Rose Beige using a Nanshy Buffed Base Brush.

Then covering up my dark circles and highlighting my under-eye with Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Shade 1.

Then setting my under-eye concealer with Grimas' Transparent Powder with my Real Techniques Setting Brush.

For a eyeshadow primer I used MAC's Soft Ochre Paint Pot all over the lid and Maybelline's Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze on the outer corner.

Using Tease from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette all over where I applied On and On Bronze.
Then using Foxy over the lid.

To tame and fill in my eyebrows I used Benefit's BrowZings Kit in Light with my No7 eyebrow brush.

To bronze my face initially I am using Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Shade 4, and to blend that out I used Real Technique's Expert Face Brush.

To set everywhere other than the places I just bronzed I used Natural Collection's Pressed Powder in Warm, and pressing that into my skin with ELF's Powder Brush.

To set the places I bronzed with the Concealer I used St Tropez's Bronzing Powder.

Then to add some pink to my cheeks I opted for Estee Lauder's Pink Ingenue Blush on a Real Technique's Blush Brush.

As a highlighting base I used Benefit's Watt's Up cream highlighter.

To add some extra dimension to the highlight I used MUA's eyeshadow in Shade 2 Pearl.

And then doing the same lip combo as in my last blog post.

Then finishing off the eyes using:
Maybelline's The Rocket Waterproof Mascara
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara
Red Cherry's Lashes in #48


Hope you liked this look!
I love it

Love El
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