Monday, 31 July 2017

Homeware Touches

Does anyone else feel like such an 'adult' when they get excited about homeware?
(I say adult loosely, as I'm not quite sure I'm there yet or quite frankly ever will be!)
Homeware is such a brilliant way to make any room feel more cozy or to put your own touch on things, it's so important to make yourself feel comfortable in your own environment and these are some of my favourites to do just that.

The first way I love to make my room feel cozy is by adding cushions, I have far too many and even more when it comes to Christmas but I have no problem with that!
Cushions come in so many shapes, sizes and colours so guaranteed there'll be one out there you'll love, although do be careful about the prices as they can cost a fortune.
Some of the best places I have found have been Asda, House of Fraser and Cath Kidston. My two grey textured cushions in the image below turned out to be just £5 for the two from Primark! The cushion in front was £15 from the Cath Kidston store in Bicester Village, in the image below that I purchased the fluffy white cushion from the House of Fraser sale for £15 while my grandparents bought the matching throw for me.

Adding your own little trinkets from here and there is another fabulous way to add your own mark on a place, my mum bought me this stag head for Christmas the year before last from an antiques store in Bourton-on-the-Water and I really do adore it!
Although I eliminated scents from my room via fake flowers, I do love being able to choose my own scents to full the room, specifically from candles. This is another thing that can really vary in price and I love any but it isn't essential to splash out, Asda do some fantastic ones and I love Village Candle and of course Yankee Candle. (My candle holder is from the National Trust.) And if you don't fancy setting anything alight in your room then why not go for a room spray or potpourri (I have linked some of favourite places to go for those.)

What are some of your favourite homeware touches?

Love El
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