Monday, 25 May 2015

GHD Curls

This tutorial may be super helpful or not at all helpful and you may already know how to curl your hair using GHDs BUT just in case I can help one person, this is how I curl my hair with GHD straighteners.

I went through a massive stage when I was 16 of curling my hair with GHDs maybe every few days and never actually straightened my hair, now that may sound bad but I'm not actually using any more heat then when I do straighten it, and the curls last ages. I get so many compliments when I curl it so thought I would share my secret!

These are the GHDs I have, I have had them for probably nearly 3 years and they are still going strong! I'm pretty sure they were from the Midnight Collection.

Now starting off I just scroll the straightener down my hair a tiny bit to straighten the root, and this is where the curling begins.

Next up I then turn the straightener around, I do this until the hair coming out of the straightener is then pointing downwards again. (You will see this in the next photos.)

Once the hair is pointing downwards again I just pull the GHDs down my hair until there's no hair left and I am left with a curl!

Depending on how big or small the piece of hair you have chosen the different the curl-wave will be!

Hope this helped! Sorry I'm useless at explaining.

Love El

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