Thursday, 4 December 2014

Primark False Lashes

In my 2 Topshop Lipsticks post you may or may not have noticed my eyelashes were a lot fuller than normal! Well today I'm going to explain why.

After hearing nothing but good things about the Primark false eyelashes I finally decided it was time I bought them and tried them out for myself. In my Primark there were 3 different types of lashes: "Sultry", "Natural" and "Volume". Now I didn't bother picking up the "Volume" lashes purely because they were extremely big with A LOT of volume and I was looking for something more natural. I originally went to buy the "Sultry" lashes but after seeing the "Natural" ones I had to grab myself a pair of those too. The lashes actually do come with glue but I like to stick to one I can trust so I can't review the glue I'm afraid!

Well I think the first thing is to say these lashes retail at £1! Yes you read right, £1!!! And I'm honestly so impressed with the quality I'd pay more! The "Sultry" lashes, personally wouldn't be for me on an everyday basis and I think might look a bit better with some eyeliner, but they're still so impressive! And then finally is the "Natural" eyelashes, and I'm honestly in LOVE with these! I feel they suit my eye shape and just look so nice. These are fantastic for me because they're actually quicker to apply then putting on mascara!

My lashes with one coat of mascara.

The Primark "Sultry" lashes.

The Primark "Natural" lashes.

To sum up I honestly don't have anything bad to say about these lashes! I really love them!
If you would like to see how I usually do my eyelashes click HERE.

Love El
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