Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nails Of The Week

I really quickly wanted to tell you all about one of my favourite nail polishes. Now if you saw my last "Nails Of The Week" post you may know I am a fan of W7, and so I wanted to share another fabulous one I have from them. 

This week is a bronze/rose gold nail varnish that I really like. This varnish is fantastic as it only really needs one thin coat and you're done, however I always like to do two. The second fantastic thing about this varnish is that each layer dries super quick so it is really appealing as I am that impatience person who can't wait for her nails to dry! Although there is one downside to this nail varnish and that is the fact it chips fairly easily, but other than that I really love it!

Love El

 "52 Bronze Chrome"
This picture is actually with 2 coats, but both pictures looked exactly the same as it really does look this good with one coat.
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