Friday, 11 July 2014

My Summer Wish List

For this blogpost I was tagged by the lovely Jade, owner of

Therefore this is going to be my summer wish list!

The first thing on my summer wish list, just as it is on Jade's list, is to get a tan. This so far has not been working for me and I have been relying on Garnier Summer Body Moisturiser in deep, and for summer I swear by this stuff! I use a couple of layers to build it up but that's because I am naturally very pale! So as far as getting a tan, mine comes from a bottle at the moment!

The second and third item on my wish list is to go to Cornwall or Wales, as I do every year. Although this year being able to go to my cabin in Wales as a family has been disrupted and so may not happen but I still hope it will! The main reason I want to go to Wales or Cornwall is because I love bodyboarding and generally swimming/being in the sea.

And as for a trip to Cornwall me and my family are planning to go at the end of summer.

Another item on my wish list is to see my family and friends as much as possible! I think this will be easier this year than ever before because of the fact I can now drive and have a car! Here's a couple of pictures of some of me and my friends.

Me and my cousin.

And the final thing on my wish list is just to enjoy the summer holiday, to have fun with everyday and to relax! As I am planning on looking for an apprenticeship rather than doing anymore education (couldn't face it anymore! Plus I'm really not the academic type) I don't know when my next summer holiday will be!

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And thank you so much again to Jade for tagging me!

Love El


  1. What a lovely blog post.. I have may to try that tanning stuff..... I only been to cornwall when i was very little so i would love to go again to :) and as for Wales my mum lives there so I have been many times and it is a lovely place :) I love the pictures you have used :)

    amazing blog :)

    1. You must try it! It's actually amazon, not too expensive and is really moisturising. I still use a mitt just to be on the safe side! I have been going to Cornwall every year since I was a couple of months old and the same for Wales, love them both! Ah thank you! I do love photography :) thank you!

    2. I am going to look for it now :).... The beach in Cornwall looks lovely :) Ahh i love photography but I don't own a good camera but I do plan on buying one :)

    3. I get mine from boots :) it's Rock beach looking over to Padstow :) I share with my dad but he doesn't use it too much so I'm lucky I'm able to use it!

  2. This is a great tag :)

    I love your Blog post :)

    1. Yes I love this tag! Thank you :)

  3. You are really pretty, great post Xx

  4. Cute post! I think everyone wants to get a tan but the weather has been poo lately :( X

    1. Thank you! Yes the weather has been rubbish and then when we get the occasional ok weather I'm too busy to sit and enjoy it! X

  5. such a great post!

    from helen at

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  6. Lovely post!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo


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