Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Marc Jacobs Dream Capsule

I was just on Youtube watching Gabby from Velvet Ghost and saw her "The Dreams Tag" video about Marc Jacob's new perfume. After hearing about being able to create your own "Dream Capsule" I thought I'd give it a go! When going onto the Marc Jacobs fragences website I saw you could win prizes so I really thought why not! I also like the fact that you give them your email and they send you your capsule a year later, this way you can see if you have achieved anything on there yet or just see if your tastes have changed!

So I had a go, it was quick and simple to do, and you end up seeing what you might like to achieve I suppose! And this is mine:

You may already know from other posts that I want to live by the sea when I'm older and that is what the 2 top pictures represent! The bottom left picture shows love, I feel this picture could symbolise a partner or a close/best friend. And finally is my "look" section, I went simple and saw nail varnish, a phone and laptop, and this picture stood out the most as the fashion ones weren't really my style and hey what girl doesn't like/secretly love painting there nails, talking to friends on their phone and watching Youtube or reading a blog on their laptop! And that concludes my Marc Jacobs Dream Capsule.

I thought this was a really awesome idea and wanted to let you all know about it if you didn't already and you can see what capsule you get!

Love El
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