Sunday, 20 July 2014

Eye Makeup For The Day

Today I did something different with my eye makeup, now when I say that it just means I put effort into it! I usually just slap on some mascara and I'm off, but for some reason I did more than that. So I have kept it simple as it is day time and I'm just seeing family, but I'm blogging about it just because I quite like how it turned out. 

Now I did use liquid liner to create a wing, I don't actually know if this suits me or not but I did it anyway! After this year of college, I did a makeup course (still haven't got my results so don't know if I'm a "makeup artist" type person yet) but this course TOTALLY put me off makeup as it really wasn't a good year. I suppose, however, as I randomly decided to do this makeup I'm now getting back into it. 

As I said this is a subtle look. It has a small amount of beautiful glitter in it, unfortunately I do not feel the pictures have done it justice but you can get the general gist of it.

The products I used are below the eye pictures, hope you enjoyed this post.
Love El
p.s. just hit 1000 views! I'm finding this insane, THANK YOU!

Without Flash.
With Flash.
Marks and Spencer Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara
I used the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay to create this look.
I used the colours "Bootycall", "Chopper" and "Tease", I used these as an ombre effect, "Bootycall" in the inner half, "Chopper" in the outer half and "Tease" in the crease and very outer corner.
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