Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nails Of The Week

For my nails recently I have been applying fake nails. The fake nails that I use I would highly recommend and the glue is also pretty decent! You can get the false nails HERE. But after realising my nails were not in the best condition (my own fault, not the falsies) I would leave them to grow out. After waiting for, what felt like months, I have finally realised the condition is so much better and I can paint them again! YAY!

So for my first time painting my own nails again after so long I decided to go for matte white, it felt sort of summery, to me anyway, plus white makes you look tanned. The white I have gone for is the W7 34 White nail polish. I got this quite a while ago now (probably 2 years) but it is fantastic! Its a great white, dries quickly and only needs 2 thin coats, or one thick one, but I've always found thin coats dry better, just a tip from me to you! The W7 polish's also have a really lovely shine too them.


In order to get my white nails matte I used the Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish nail polish. I'm not entirely sure if this is still available in shops as my cousin went on a search for this matte nail varnish everywhere and couldn't find it! However, if you can find the Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish nail polish I would recommend it! As long as you blow on the product as soon it's applied, I find this certainly enhances how matte it can make your nails! 

So those are my nails for the week! 

Love El
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