Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jewellery // Gold Galore

First of this weather we're having, like what, yes, hello can you last forever please so I can be tanned forever?!?! 

And secondly I have a new jewellery (of the day) post for you!

Barring my everyday silver studs we have here some earrings I haven't featured before but have owned for so long! They are from New Look and when I ordered them online I may or may not have thought they were cute little studs...(just a hint, I thought it was the later...) So after a little disappointment that they were not little studs I very quickly got over it and shoved them in my ears. 

Then keeping it nice and simple with the rest of my jewellery I have on 2 gold rings to tie in nicely with my giant not-so stud earrings. First is this gorgeous ring that I am slightly in love with, it is a little big and can only be worn on my thumb but I do not care! It is this beautiful ring with a turquoise blue centre handed down to me from my grandma. The blue is one of my favourite colours and I just adore how the ring almost goes in waves around the, I'm going to call it, stone (and as we know I have an obsession with the ocean, you just have to follow me on Pinterest HERE to see, 968 pins of the ocean....)

Then finally finishing it all of with this thin twisted band, which actually as a butterfly on the other side but I like to hide that! I love how the twisted band is simple yet unique and would love to own a real twisted band, that isn't from Primark and doesn't have a butterfly on the other side...

This simple jewellery if not no jewellery is definitely needed in this heat!

Love El
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