Monday, 29 June 2015

3 Braided Hairstyles

Idiot El over here has already managed to show you one of these hairstyles in the bun blog post! The plaited bun (second look) was featured in my "4 Buns To Style Unruly Hair" post but hey I do love the style so never mind! 

So first up we have this very easy yet pretty dutch braid. Starting at a side parting and dutch braiding until you get to the ear, this creates a beautiful and simple look. I then continued to plait normally and grip using bobby pins.

This is the plaited bun I was talking about but I love it so much it doesn't matter! Having my hair in a side part again and then dutch braiding both sides of my head this time it creates a gorgeous amount of dimension and interest! Then gathering the 2 braids in a low messy bun.

This next one is something a little bit of fun that I attempted to re-create from Pinterest! I mean I definitely didn't fully succeed but I also didn't totally fail either. If you can dutch braid this is super easy but a little time consuming but the results are certainly different. Separating your hair around you head starting at the temple and tie the top section back. Then separate the bottom section that you have left down into 2 sections then dutch braid these until you get to your section line and then plait normally, tying with a clear elastic. Then let the top section of your hair down and separate this into 3 sections and dutch braid the 2 side sections like your others and again tie with a clear elastic. Then finally with the section on the very top of your head start dutch braiding straight from the hair line and braid until you get to the point of your head when it basically starts to go down the back (you should have ran out of hair to braid in at this point anyway) and continue braiding also adding in your 4 smaller dutch braids along the way. To make your braids thicker be sure to pull them out at the sides! Basically if you didn't understand that its pretty obvious from the pictures! (That's how I did it with the one on Pinterest!)

So there you go! Some pretty rubbish explaining by me and 3 braided hairstyles!

Love El
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