Monday, 13 July 2015

GoPro Haul

If you've seen my latest Youtube videos (check out my channel HERE - cheeky plug!) Then you'll know I recently bought a GoPro! To this day I am still way too excited about this fact and still way too excited that I actually own one.

So with owning a GoPro I feel that then the natural progression is to buy accessories, but to wisely buy ones you will use a lot or can use in the future. Before buying the accessories I did think what ones I believe would be suitable for me and worth the money.

In my last blog post I mentioned I had recently been to Cornwall. There they have Ann's Cottage Surf Shops, and they sell a load of GoPro products and that's where I then went to buy mine.

First thing I bought was a surfboard mount, now for me this will have multiple uses. I intend on learning to surf pretty soon, and also this will be used on my dads canoe when we use it.  This comes with 2 mounts, which are very sticky pads so they will cling on and will be difficult to remove! Also just a tip if you ever buy these apply to your surfboard or whatever 24hrs prior.

Next up is the chesty chest harness this I have quite a lot in mind for, but I mean its a chest harness so I'm sure I don't really need to explain what I could use this for!

Here we have GoPro's floaty back door, this red thing is basically a float, and you get 2 backdoors to stick it onto. If you drop you GoPro into the water by mistake then this will make it float! Which for me was a no brainer to buy because no way do I want to be losing my GoPro. If your GoPro is attached to something that doesn't float then this will probably not be strong enough to make your camera and accessory float.

Finally, noooo this is NOT a selfie stick, I guess it could be used for that but I certainly don't intend on using it that way! Now this was expensive but worth it (especially as my GoPro and chest harness were free on Tesco Clubcard points!) I intend on using this for everything! Another tip for you is if you want to use this or any pole for your camera underwater be VERY sure to rinse under clean, fresh water immediately after use, and the same goes for your waterproof camera, this will just ensure that the products stay in good condition.

And that is everything I bought!
Hope you enjoyed this little haul.

Love El

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