Monday, 6 July 2015

Nails of the Week

Not only do I have for you today a beautifully coloured nail polish, it is also UV! *the crowd goes wild* I know I know, however, the only thing is I haven't been able to test it out under any UV light I'm afraid....

This beautiful and might I add, very clever, nail varnish is of course by W7. I do apologise that most of my nail posts appear to involve W7 but from that alone you can see how much I love them!

This gorgeous colour is W7's 111 Dance, and as I said it is advertised to be UV but I don't actually know... But here is the gorgeous nail varnish:

1st Coat: I could almost see a purpley hint to this nail varnish and there's just a look about it that does definitely make you feel like it has a UV effect!

2nd Coat: This is such a gorgeous light, almost icy, blue polish!

This nail varnish has also lasted so long for me considering I have had it on about a week and seriously put it through its paces, and surprisingly, it didn't chip for a long time!

Love El
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