Thursday, 23 July 2015

7 Easy, Healthier Food Alternatives

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Now I am the first to admit I definitely don't eat the healthiest and need to do better. But with saying that there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to something naughty now and again!

Here are some tasty and healthy alternatives, because I now I feel better when I eat healthier!

  1. The obvious, swap sweet things for fruit!
  2. Swap those potato chips for sweet potato chips
  3. Change your squash/cordial for fruit infused water
  4. Have quinoa or brown rice instead white rice
  5. Opt for brown bread instead of white bread where you can
  6. Instead of going to the cupboard for crisps have a snack on flavoured rice cakes OR at the moment I really really like Rivita Flatbreads!
  7. There are so many flavours of Popcorn out at the moment, which really aren't bad

Also a tip, when you're feeling hungry have a drink first, because a lot of the time you might be thirsty instead of hungry!

Love El
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