Monday, 22 June 2015

Easy & Subtle Ways to Wear Colour - Makeup

With the warmer weather and it being Summer in the UK (you'll notice my red eye in the images due to hay fever!) I think adding some light or bright colour into your makeup look just screams Summer!

Now personally I quite like colour in my eyeshadow looks, but I know not everyone does, so the first 2 ways are more stereotypical.

First up the most obvious way to wear colour in your makeup look is to opt for a bright lip product instead of nude! Secondly a perfect way to add some colour is with some blush! In the warmer months I think pinks/peaches and generally brighter colours look fantastic and are a nice simple way to wear colour. 

When incorporating colour into an eyeshadow look I think its nice to keep the lid neutral if that isn't where the colours going because then it doesn't look over the top! So here I have just blended bronzer through my crease for extra definition.

The first way I'm going to show you is wearing colour on your inner corner. For Summer putting a nice light, bright colour in your inner corner really suits the warmer months but also opens up your eyes! I initially put some white eyeliner as a base and added a bright, shimmery turquoise over the top, adding that eyeliner will also enhance the eyeshadow that goes on the top.

My final way is to put colour on the bottom lash line. Now just so it was easier to show you I did go for a navy eyeshadow, but I definitely think a lilac or something would look awesome for Summer and then maybe navy for Winter/Autumn!

After packing the shadow on my bottom lash line I then blended it out for a more diffused look and added mascara.

I hope you enjoyed these looks, and personally I think my lovely hay fever attacked red left eye complimented the looks perfectly!

Love El

P.s. check out my latest YouTube video, I'm pretty proud of it!



  1. I am really loving putting a bright colour under my bottom lash line at the moment x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I love the look of it :)

  2. Ohh love these make-up looks very versatile too! :) I also loved your video, such a huge glasses collection! Very envious ;-) x

    1. Thats what I thought! Glad you liked them :) ahaha thanks, definitely have an obsession!

  3. I loved this look, you look absolutely stunning :)
    Also, I've tagged you to do a fun summer tag, check it out here:
    Let me know when you've done it, I'd love to see your answers! x

  4. Very nice post:)))

  5. I absolutely love putting a pop of colour in the corner of my eyes or under the lash line, it changes the look so much! You look lovely in all of the looks you've created - great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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