Thursday, 18 June 2015

4 Buns To Style Unruly Hair

You know those days when your hair seriously isn't doing what you want it to do?! WELL I've got 4 different style of buns here to show you that will seriously help you out when your hair is misbehaving. 

This is going to be mainly a picture tutorial but if you would like to see a blog post on a specific style then I will be sure to do a separate post! P.s. I've just come up with my own names for them but I hope you enjoy and I hope your hair obeys these styles.

The Knotted Bun.
Requires only bobby pins.

(Basically section hair into 2 sections, knot sections together, twist the 2 sections around knotted area and bobby pin as you wish.)

The Twisted Bun.
Requires one hair band and some bobby pins.

(Basically twist both sides of your hair, tie with band, and put loose hair through gap above hair tie until there's barely any left and then bobby pin as you wish.)

The Regular Bun.
Requires a hair band and some bobby pins.

(Basically gather you hair into your hand, twist it around your finger, tie with hairband, and bobby pin as you wish.)

The Dutch Braid Bun.
Requires a hair band.

(Basically just part your hair as normal, dutch pair both sides then pull them out to create a thicker braid, then gather to the back and put in a bun.)

Hope you enjoyed these styles and give them a go on days when your hair is misbehaving!

Love El
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