Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lips of the Day - Bourjois

This lipstick was my absolute obsession last Summer and so now the sun has started to come out again I had to use it! (The writing has actually rubbed off mine I used/use it so much)

The lipstick in question is Bourjois's ColorBoost Lip Crayon in "Orange Punch". I seriously recommend this colour or just the ColorBoost Crayon's to anyone, the pigmentation is amazing and they're so creamy and moisturising therefore will feel so nice on the lips for Summer.

At £7.99 I definitely feel like this product is well worth every penny, I used this so much last Summer but there is still so much product left!


I definitely want to try some other shades of this product this year.
P.s. sorry about this being selfie central but I do love this lipstick so much.

Love El
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