Thursday, 11 June 2015

Beachy Wave Tutorial

With it now being British Summer this time of year, whether my hair does it itself or products and tools are involved, I love to create waves in my hair. Now the ones created in this tutorial aren't particularly messy but all you would need to do is add some texturising spray or sea salt spray and scrunch your hair! (The products I would use are linked)

All I use to create my waves is the NuMe Lustrum set, and using the biggest wand I got started!

Starting out with hair washed the night before and then put in a bun overnight, I added some heat protectant spray and separated my hair into 2 sections, of course this works with hair that hasn't been freshly washed, and probably works even better if its not! Then just wrapping the hair around the wand, leaving for maybe 10 seconds (this wand is AMAZING and gets super hot) and finally letting it fall into my hand to cool for 2 seconds I was left with my desired look.

Doing this all of my head then left me with my waves! 
3 tips I have with this look are:
  • Curl the pieces towards and away from your face to add more volume and texture, but I would recommend you curl away from your face when doing the pieces around your hair line as this is the most flattering - but it's all personal preference
  • Secondly, on the top section of your hair hold the pieces on the curler for a couple of seconds more than the rest to get more definition
  • Finally, I don't curl the very end of my hair as when I release the curl I then feel it looks more natural (you'll see what I mean in the pictures below)
DONE, you now have gorgeous mermaid/beach hair! 
To get even more beachy hair just add the products mentioned before.

P.s. This NuMe curler leaves your hair so shiny and soft as you can see in the pictures but also the curls last for so so long!

Love El
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