Thursday, 2 April 2015

A New Favourite - Chroma Stationery

Now personally I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks, and I always have done! I feel like that's an okay thing to have an obsession with, right?! 

Therefore considering my obsession, when Chroma Stationery were doing a gifting on their notebook's how could I not apply! I was not at all expecting to receive such a gorgeous notebook, I honestly love it, the quality is fantastic and the lettering on the front is gorgeous.

A bit of back story of Chroma Stationery: they are a UK based company who wanted to create notebooks of good quality that didn't break the bank. They want their notebooks to be all about colour, as colours can evoke an array of emotions and memories. There is currently a range of 20 colours all dedicated to a different, important person in the team's lives. Personally I applied for the white Ryton Spiral Bound Notebook, within their company the white shade is called Herbie, it represents Gabi, the founder's uncle with down-sydrome who is the happiest and loveliest man. You can get your chosen notebook embossed in gold or silver (I went for gold), and whatever font and size you want, and how you would like the pages set out (I went for lined) for FREE!! And finally you will receive your new notebook gift wrapped, again free of charge, as the company believes everyone should have a gorgeous package to open.

I absolutely adore this concept of naming the colours after someone important and I still cannot get over the quality of my new notebook, and what a fantastic size it is! A perfect carry me around EVERYWHERE book. 

I was so excited when I got this product in the post that I did tear up the perfectly wrapped gift, wrapped in white tissue paper and a company red stick but I truly think Chroma Stationery takes presentation very seriously, and that is obvious. Once I had applied to be gifted this amazing product I received an email within minutes, amazing!

Be sure to pick up your own incredible notebook HERE.
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Love El
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