Thursday, 26 February 2015

Banana Berry Smoothie

I feel like I haven't done any sort of recipe blog post in so long and its not good enough, therefore when trying out this recipe from Lucy Mecklenburgh's book I thought I'd blog it!

I'm actually not the biggest smoothie or juice fan, although I'm trying to be because they're good for you, so when seeing this recipe in Lucy's book I thought why not give it ago. And I actually really really enjoyed it! It is also so incredibly easy.

The Ingredients:

1 Banana
1 Cup of Water
1 Teaspoon of Honey
1 Cup of Mixed Fruits

The one and only step:

Just blend everything together, I added the banana bit by it so I could see if I actually wanted it all. And then put in a glass and ENJOY!

I actually used a Ikea vase as my glass as it looks so nice!

Ikea Milk Bottle Vase - £1 - HERE
Kilner Plastic Straws - Random Kitchen Ware Shop

This smoothie was so delicious and filling!

Love El
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