Monday, 2 March 2015

Argan Dew Review

Hi everyone! Now I'm pretty excited about this blog post because as a girl with bleach highlights, and a girl who had them too close together I am always after things to make my hair healthy so I was very happy to receive these Argan Dew samples. After coming out of the hair dressers with heat damaged, dry and what can only be described as hair that felt like straw, I knew I needed to sort something out!

8 months later, I do feel I have the perfect hair care routine for my hair now! But thats not what this post is about. Today we have a post all about Argan Dew's Replenishing Hair Mask and Argan Oil

The way I tested these was to make sure I didn't use everything from my hair care routine and to really put them to the test, therefore I used these only along side my shampoo and conditioner.

First up is the Replenishing Hair Mask I have always been a massive fan of hair masks as they are a fantastic way to keep hair healthy. I wouldn't say this mask is as good as my usual, but then again I wouldn't say it was worse! That probably doesn't make sense, but the outcomes from my usual and this are very different. Argan Dew's Hair Mask made my hair feel soft and full of texture, which doesn't usually happen to me so I was very happy!

Next up the Argan Dew Argan Oil, I have nothing other to say then I LOVE this stuff! I put it in damp hair and you really don't need that much but this also helped to keep my hair soft and healthy! 

I would also say that these products together are probably the perfect match and compliment each other so well.

Now if you fancy getting your hands on any of Argan Dew's products, simply go to their website - HERE, and use the discount code - argandew to get 20% off!!

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Love El
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