Monday, 9 February 2015

Lush - Happy Daze

Today I have a post all about Lush, but no it is not valentine's themed like all the other Lush posts I'm seeing at the moment, I actually haven't been to see the valentine's collection yet!

This post is all about the gift set "Happy Daze", my fantastic friend Beth gave me this set, and I love it! 

In this set there's 2 of my all time Lush favourites and 2 products I've always wanted to try. My 2 favourites are The Comforter and Brightside bubble bars. Both bubble bars have such a gorgeous and unique scent, The Comforter, to me smells just like Ribena and Brightside is a lovely citrus smell! The 2 products I have always wanted to try are Granny Takes A Dip and Fizzbanger, and these again smell so so good!! I can not wait to try them. Granny Takes A Dip is not a very strong scent but what you will be smelling with this is ginger, lemon and black pepper. Then with Fizzbanger, which really does smell gorgeous the scent is created from petitgrain which reduces anxiety (which I am all about!), cinnamon leaf and ylang ylang, and these scents mixed together are supposed to create a smell of apple pie! This particular bath bomb also includes popping candy.

I cannot wait to use all of these products and I'm sure I'll be repurchasing them all!!

What is your favourite Lush product?

Love El
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