Monday, 16 February 2015

Nails of the Week

I said the next "Nails of the Week" wouldn't be too far away, so here it is, and its a bit more of a creative one this time!

These nails were actually inspired by a picture I saw on pinterest (you can follow me HERE) that I desperately wanted to recreate. I love how the nail look turned out as they're something fun and a bit different. I also think this style could be done with lots of different colour duos e.g. black and white, or even do an ombre triangle or ombre base, in fact I've just thought of that and now really want to try it out!

When I have the patience I like doing things a bit different with my nails, and as I don't have the patience very often I take full advantage when I do have it, and therefore come up with more creative nails!

I created this look you're seeing today by painting my whole nail with Essie's Capri nail varnish, a gorgeous light blue, which enhances any bit of tan you may have! Once Essie's Capri was dry I then applied 2 strips of Sellotape on each nail going diagonally across, corner to corner, so they overlapped at the top, but there is a triangle at the base of the nail, I'm now asking myself why I didn't photograph how I applied the tape but it's easy enough to work out!  Once I had the triangle I then painted it using Essie's Penny Talk. To end of this look just coat the nails with your favourite top coat, could even be a matte top coat depending on your colour combination!

Essie - Capri

I'm hoping that my "Nails of the Week" posts will become more creative, although I'm not promising anything as I'll have to see if I have the patience! 

Love El
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