Monday, 19 January 2015

Nanshy MARVEL 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge

After being part of The Bloggers Hub  Twitter Party I was so kindly gifted Nanshy's brand new MARVEL 4 in 1 Makeup Sponge. This post is going to be 100% full of my own thoughts and opinions about this product! That is a promise. 

I have never tried a beauty sponge even with all the hype surrounding them, but I have always wanted to try products from Nanshy so when seeing this during the Twitter Party I couldn't say no! I will say that I do feel I need a little practise using this as it gives such different results from using a brush.

I decided that as this is a review I would test this sponge to the max and use it for nearly every step of my base makeup routineNanshy claims it is tremendous quality at a cheaper price and I have to agree, it is so soft and feels lovely when applying makeup. The sponge is easy to clean, it literally looks brand new again just from a little hand soap and washing it under the tap! To use this sponge just run it under the tap until completely wet, it will expand (and in my opinion feel even more like a soft marshmallow!) you then need to squeeze very gently until the sponge is damp. When applying your makeup I don't really have any tips, just bounce the sponge up and down on your face and use the different surfaces to apply makeup as you wish.

  • Foundation: For this I used the bottom of the sponge. It blended out my foundation extremely well and gave a very even and light coverage! 
  • Coverage: I am very impressed with how the slanted tip blended out the concealer under my eyes, I have never had my dark circles covered up so perfectly! It also covered up my blemishes pretty well, but not as good as my dark circles.
  • Contour: I used a dark liquid concealer so I could test this sponge and check to see if there is anything it can't do and apparently it can do everything! It blended out my contour so well!
  • Highlighter: Surprise surprise the sponge blended this out extremely well, I used Benefit's High Beam which I usually struggle to blend but the sponge did not struggle one bit!
Overall thoughts of the sponge and Nanshy

I am very impressed with this sponge and at £5.95 I think it is an incredible price, I would recommend it to anyone, and if you want to get your hands on this sponge it is available from February! You can use it with makeup from liquid to cream, mineral based to wet-dry powders, and cream blushes! And for Nanshy as a company I again am extremely impressed, the delivery very quick, the packaging so sleek and I will certainly be purchasing some things from them! I also love that Nanshy is 100% vegan and cruelty free.






Do excuse the fact I didn't do anything with my eyebrows and eyelashes, I wanted to keep this post all about the sponge.

Love El


  1. Wow, you skin looks absolutely flawless! I hate using makeup brushes so I bought a makeup sponge last week and I was so suprised with it! I think applying foundation with a sponge just makes the coverage so much more even :) I've got the real techniques sponge so I'll definitely have to try this one out! x

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you so much! It is such an even coverage isn't it, I was so pleasantly surprised at the even coverage :) you'll love this one too it is SO soft! X

  2. I've always used my fingers and brush to apply foundation, never thought of using sponge before. However, I am in love with the finish of this sponge, your skin looks almost airbrushed! Might just need to pick this up to try. Great review!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. It gives an incredible even coverage! And I would admit it did look almost airbrushed I was so impressed! Thanks for reading!

  3. I am addicted to mine. Goodness knows how we applied makeup beforehand eh!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Surprised at this actually! Looks so good. Might try it myself :)

    Anything & Everything

    1. I was surprised too actually! But it really is good :) you should give it a go :)

  5. Wow! it blends so well I love it :)

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

  6. I love using my beauty blender but this one looks really neat. I love how it has a flat side.

    1. I've never tried any other makeup sponge before but this one is amazing


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