Monday, 12 January 2015

Lush Haul Part 2 (Still Christmas Products)

I know Christmas is well and truly over and we're now into 2015, I'm sorry this is so late but it took me so long to spend my other voucher, and I then bought so many things they took a while to photograph as I don't have baths that regularly! (Obviously though I do shower, just want to point that out!) But I wanted to post this anyway as I personally love taking the photos and reading other people's Lush posts!

Now there are 3 bath bombs here that were in my LAST POST therefore I didn't bother taking photos again so only took pictures of the different products. 

In this post there is a Melted Snowman but he just makes your bath white, so I wasn't sure there was much point photographing that! 

The first Lush product photographed was the Dashing Santa, (middle of photo) I loved this bath bomb the feet are supposed to fizz away first so he floats around you bath which I think is so cute. The scent of this is very citrusy which I personally loved.

Next up we have Father Christmas, I loved this bath bomb itself as the case is red but inside is green, however this smells to me of Candy Mountain of which I am not particularly a fan as I find it so in your face, but I would buy Father Christmas again because I just love the fact it is so Christmassy!!

Last up is Shooting For The Stars, and I LOVED this one, can't wait for this again to come out! The colour that this turned my bath was so gorgeous and it's scent is shared with Honey I Washed The Kids of which is one of my all time favourite smells from Lush so Shooting For The Stars is an absolute winner for me!

Sorry this Lush Haul was so late but hey its here now, hope you enjoyed!

Love El
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