Monday, 26 January 2015

Best Friend Tag - My Eye Makeup

I know this is probably really random but I liked how I did my eye makeup for my Best Friend Tag post, which you can see in the last two pictures of that post, so I wanted to show you all how it was created! For my eye makeup I went for a pink and lilac look which I have been loving recently and wanted to share it with you all.

What products I used and how I used them:
  • First up I used Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold, I applied this all over my lids and also underneath the eyes on the lash line.
  • The second Maybelline Colour Tattoo I used was in Metallic Pomegranate, this was placed VERY messily in the outer corner, crease and outer half of my bottom lash line. Both of these colour tattoos are acting as bases for the shadows to come.
  • Next up was the pink eyeshadow out of my W7 10 out of 10 assorted eye shadow palette. I put this on top of everywhere Pink Gold had been used - the lids and inner half of my bottom lash line.
  • The lilac shadow, from the same W7 palette, was then placed over the top of my Metallic Pomegranate Colour Tattoo - outer corner, crease and outer half of my bottom lash line.
  • I then made sure everything was blended properly and applied some coats of the Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara.

I absolutely love this makeup look and I hope you do too!

Love El
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