Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nail Routine + Nails of the Week

Nails of the Week is back!!! I'm so happy about this, and the fact I can start painting my nails AND be able to blog about nail polishes again! These posts have been missing because of the routine I have with my nails. In the last "Nails of the Week" post you will see my nails were very long and I'll explain how I can do this!

My nail routine is I grow them out, paint them etc until they get into a bad state of being stained from the polish and are splitting at the end. I know that sounds awful, BUT they can get to an extremely long length until this starts happening because what I do once they start splitting is cut them all the way down so they are very short, I then keep cutting them short for a month or so, until I am completely rid of any staining or splitting, once they are nice and healthy again I can begin painting and growing them again!

The colour I have picked for this week is a combination of W7's Nail Polish in 160 Ruby with Ciaté's Snow Globe and a random top coat.

My natural nails.

The nail varnishes.

My painted nails.

It may not look it in the photographs, but in real life this combination made my nail varnish look like gel nails! Also the glitter is so shiny, and actually the flakes are exactly the same as those I showed in my DIY Snow Globe post.

Love El
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