Monday, 15 December 2014

My Perfume Collection

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing their perfume collections recently and I thought why not join in, so here is my collection!

I want to start off by saying I wouldn't have any samples and no where near this amount of perfume if my cousin didn't work at The Perfume Shop, him working there certainly is fantastic! I'm not very good at describing scents but I shall try my hardest and also look up the smells online if I am really struggling.

Shelves: Ikea - Billy

These are all of my samples, I certainly haven't tried them all but thought I'd show them!

First perfume we have is the famous Daisy by Marc Jacobs and then on the right is Lady Gaga's Fame, very kindly given to me when my cousin won it at work! I will start by saying I love the Lady Gaga scent although it was a little scary spraying this black perfume but it actually turns invisible when sprayed (mind blown) this scent includes floral tones with honey, saffron and apricot nectar. Then we have Daisy and I am going to be so controversial and say I really am not a fan of this at all! Eventually I get a floral scent from this but mainly all I can smell is grass.

These are my 2 ultimate favourite perfumes ever! This is my second bottle of Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and I can't tell you how much I love it or how much I love Si by Georgio Armani. These are both sweet and fairly heavy scents. Viva la Juicy is a floral scent with a hint of wild berries and again Si is a floral scent however this time with scents of wood, amber and musky undertones, then finished off with a scent of vanilla.

Here is my first bottle of Viva la Juicy which I basically just keep because I LOVE the bottle, and then on the right is Couture by Juicy Couture which has only been taken out of the box, never been smelt/sprayed by me!

Next up we have Light Blue by D&G and English Velvet by Jack Wills, these 2 fragrances, I would say, are quite light, summery perfumes. Light Blue has an array of floral and fruity scents, whilst English Velvet again has a floral scent but this time with musk and amber.

These last ones include a Viva la Juicy gel perfume, My Love by Love Parfums and finally Ralph Lauren Number 2. Again I love these, Ralph Lauren Number 2 is quite a fruity scent being made up of a mixture of cranberry and tonka mousse. Then the final perfume of my collection is My Love by Love Parfums which I would say again is a sweet scent!

What's your favourite perfume?

Love El
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