Thursday, 9 October 2014

Silver and Blue // Jewellery

Recently I have bought a new ring and had 3 new ear piercings so I thought it would be wrong to not blog about jewellery! 

This blog is based around silver and blue jewellery, which just makes me think of ice and Winter for some reason! I'm pretty sure it's to do with the colours and NOT the fact my watch is by Ice!

First up is my left ear, so as you can probably tell this is where 2 of my new piercings are. I got my helix and second lobes done at A Fine Tattoo Establishment and they were fantastic, the lady who did mine has now left but she was amazing. Therefore I just have silver studs. I just want to add ALWAYS have your piercings done by a needle and NEVER a gun! 

The teardrop earring I have is from a small, independent shop called John Garland-Taylor. I bought these at the very beginning of 2014 and they're still one of my favourite pairs. (His name is linked to his website, but if you happen to live close to Hatton Country World then definitely visit the independent shops.)

No Flash.

In my right ear I just have the same earrings, and in between those earrings is a delightful chicken pox scar which I have had forever and I do not appreciate!

No Flash. This picture really shows the true colours of the teardrop earring.

Next up is my watch, I love this watch, probably because the face is one of my favourite colours! There's not too much to say about this watch other than it tells the time and works! This in an Ice-Watch and they have so many gorgeous designs, colours and shapes it was tricky to pick just one.
 (Clearly didn't wipe off that swatch of eyeshadow properly!)

These rings are my everyday rings, I am not keen on the 2 rings separately, as they're very thin, but together I love them. My mum gave me these as they did not fit her and, between you and me, I'm glad they didn't because I really love them! However, I do not know where they are from I'm afraid.

And last up is these 2 rings. These are certainly not my everyday rings purely because they're so pretty I'd be worried about wearing them all the time. These beautiful silver rings were picked up on trips to Cornwall at a shop in Padstow called Blue Wing Gallery. The crescent moon ring is the newest of the 2 and I fell in love with it straight away. I am fascinated by the moon and think it is so gorgeous therefore this ring was made for me! The ring with the turquoise gem is like the Blue Wing Gallery's logo but also reminds me of a wave, and you may already know I am obsessed with the sea so that means this beautiful piece of jewellery was basically calling my name in the shop! 

p.s. I did not realise how pale I am until seeing these pictures!
p.p.s. all the shop links are there, just click on the blue writing and you will be taken to their website.

Love El
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