Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mascara Routine

Due to the fact that my blog posts are posted every Monday and Thursday at 11:00am that means when this gets posted it is officially my 19th birthday!!! That also means Monday's post will be the hair and makeup I did for my birthday.

I have officially decided to do a mascara routine due to the lovely comments and questions I get about my eyelashes. Now I have posted the products I use in several different posts but this will show the exact products I use as well as how I use them, step by step.

The Products:

The Steps:


This step is absolutely necessary for me as although I have naturally long eyelashes (thanks to dad's genes) they are also very naturally straight, therefore I have to curl them. I use the Primark £1 eyelash curlers and these work perfectly for me.


I apply a coat of the Jordana mascara on my bottom lashes first, then after that I apply 1 coat of the Maybelline mascara to my curled top lashes. I use a waterproof mascara as the first coat due to the fact waterproof mascara holds the curl.


I then apply a coat of the Topshop mascara to my top lashes for some volume and length.


I finally apply some more Jordana mascara on my bottom lashes and a tiny bit on the top lashes and then I am done.

Now that seems a lot but it really really takes no time at all! And you could probably use the Jordana mascara OR the Topshop mascara, you don't need them both, I use the Topshop one as it was a gift from my amazing friend Beth! (Whose YouTube channel you can check out HERE)

(I know a few people may not like how I do my lashes as everyone has different opinions, however I love to have bold dark lashes as I feel this really opens up my eyes, and I don't like how my eyes look when I don't use this routine.)

Love El
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