Monday, 27 October 2014

19th Birthday Hair and Makeup

Now you may or may not know but last Thursday (23rd October) was my 19th birthday and therefore I thought I would post what I did with my hair and makeup! Considering my birthday celebrations went from day to night I decided to do something that would fit for both times of day.

My makeup was just all neutral, incorporating pink and gold . Unfortunately the pictures are not showing the warmth and deep rose gold or the crazy, fantastic glitter from my MAC pressed pigment but it is showing the general look! I decided to curl my hair with GHD straighteners as I know, for me, this is as quick as straightening. I went for beachy waves, however at the moment I am using a Primark mini jaw clip to clip up the front sections of my hair. This is just due to the fact that whilst my ear piercings are still healing I'm desperately trying to not get my hair caught! (Showering is difficult I tell you!)

Products used: (From left to right)

Above with flash.

Above without flash.

Taken on phone to try and show warmth. 

Hope you enjoyed this look! 
I'm a bit gutted that you can't see the full amazing impact the eye makeup look made!

Love El
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