Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lips of the Day

Another bold colour for today's "Lips of the Day" post but something a bit brighter than the last.

I fell in love with the lipstick quite a while ago when a friend of mine got me to borrow hers for a photography class photo-shoot, I instantly loved it and had to go out and buy it! Of course when I borrowed hers I wiped it with a tissue first.

Now this lipstick does have 2 ends so you can create an ombre look but personally I do only use the one side - as photographed.

I love this Max Factor Flipstick although the texture is slightly odd and rough but it is beautiful and for me it isn't drying. The lasting power of this lipstick is incredible! I wore it for a whole day out including a meal and only had to do one touch up!

And here is the Max Factor Flipstick:
Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick - 30 Gypsy Red

This lipstick is a beautiful bright red, with a different undertone colour that makes it feel a tiny bit neon and summery. A lot different to other reds I've tried but I love it for whatever season!

Love El
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