Monday, 12 October 2015

Special FX: Bruises and Bullet Wound

I definitely feel that this is quite a halloween themed look and I hope its not too early but I couldn't resist posting it! 
As you can see most of the cuts and bruises are on a certain side of my face, therefore my story is that perhaps I was shot in the forehead then fell to the ground on the right side of my face.

This is more of a talk through post of how I did it rather than a picture tutorial (I was playing around with my special effects makeup and only at the end thought to take any pictures!)
Now I actually already had all the products because I took a theatrical and media makeup course but I will talk you through how I created this look.

To start off I initially created the hole in my forehead, perhaps a small gun shot, by using Grimas's Derma Wax. Derma Wax is irritatingly sticky so I suggest putting some makeup remover or Vaseline on your fingers. I rolled a bit of Derma Wax into a ball and stuck it to my head, I then smoothed it out to mix with my skin. Taking a plastic spatular, I twisted it in the middle of the wax to create a hole. I took a bit of red eyeshadow and applied this around the hole in my head to add irritation and a bruised look. After this the creating of more bruising took place.

To create the deeper bruising I took Grimas's creme makeup in the shade 601 which is a purple shade, I applied this where I wanted bruising - around my eyes, on my nose, cheekbone and around my "bullet hole".  I then blended this original work out and went over the same places with the same colour of creme makeup but didn't blend this out to create the deeper bruising. When it came to my cheek I stippled on the second layer with a stippling sponge. I then took a tiny bit of Grimas's creme makeup in the shade 401 (a dark green) in the corners of the eyes, around where I usually get dark circles and a little on the outer corner on my eyelid. 
Usually I would take a yellow creme makeup (shade 201) to put on the outer perimeters of my bruises as this creates even more of a natural look but this time I did not find it necessary. I did add some gloss/Vaseline on top of the bruising around my eyes to make it look even more natural, this step definitely helps and adds shine.

The final step was to add some of Grimas's Blood Paste into the hole on my forehead and under my nose. You could use some runnier blood but this is like scab blood and stays in place, so is a lot easier to wear if you are going out with this look!

This is so easy to create and looks fantastic!

Love El
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