Monday, 26 October 2015

Pinterest Eye Shadow Tutorial

Welcome to a new makeup tutorial!
After seeing this look on Pinterest I just kind of fell in love with it and decided to try to re-create it.

I left out the eyelashes because you could either use a bit of your favourite mascara or your most natural false eyelashes.

First off I primed my lids with the perfect pink shade, Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Pink Gold!

Then using the closest pink I had I applied this all over where we primed. I used L'Oreal's Blue Intensifier eyeshadow in 222.

I then applied a little of Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Nooner through my crease.

Then grabbing MAC's eyeshadow in Cranberry I intensified the crease to make it more similar to the picture, and it was a pretty perfect match! With this shade you want to try and wing it out a bit more as is done in the image.

Finally taking this pearly white shade from MUA, the picture does ask for a pearl white, I took this under my eyebrow and a tiny amount in the inner corner. The shadow I used was MUA's eyeshadow in Pearl - shade 2.

Just apply your favourite mascara or your favourite falsies and you're ready to go!

Love El


  1. This look is so pretty! The colours work so flawlessly, and they really bring out your blue eyes :) x

    1. Gorgeous isn't it! They do work together so well :) x

  2. Such a lovely look and goes so well with your eye colour! I think pink shades are actually my favourite colour to wear on my lids :)

    1. So nice isn't it :) pinks are so gorgeous to wear!

  3. I've been lusting after the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold for so long now, it is just beautiful! The whole look is lovely too :)

    1. Ahh definitely get it you won't regret it! Thanks :)


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