Thursday, 15 October 2015

Halloween Lips - Graveyard Scene

Hi guys and welcome to another Halloween themed makeup blog post!
On Monday I posted THIS blog tutorial about how to create special effect bruises and bullet wounds.

Today I decided to create a Halloween scene on my lips, therefore came up with this graveyard look. It is super easy to re-create and I'll tell you how! 
If you re-create this look please tag me in the image on Instagram, I'd love to see your looks!

Starting off this look I just covered my lips with a pale concealer - the same shade as my skin colour and completely blocked my lips out. Then to set this concealer I used an almost metallic green eyeshadow, the specific one I used was Grimas's eyeshadow in Shade 740.
I then took a liquid eyeliner, I found one with a brush that has a little movement is the easiest to use! I lined my bottom lip with the eyeliner and this will act as the ground.
I first started off with the biggest grave, this is just half a circle connecting to the bottom lip, filled in with some grey eyeshadow then a cross on the top. I then made a smaller one next to it but filled this in with the black eyeliner, this grave therefore looks like its in the distance.

In order to make our crosses, I would suggest doing your vertical line first and doing it in one quick movement and this is the simplest and most effective way. Then for the horizontal line, do one side and then the other i.e. do one half and connect it to the vertical line and then do the other side and also connect this.

For the birds on my top lip these are just how I used to draw birds at school, but I would just say it is like doing the top of an "m" without elongating the downward lines. (If that makes sense?!)

Finally for the tree start off with 2 vertical lines going from the bottom of your bottom lip (the ground) to the centre of your lips. Then fill in the gap with some brown eyeshadow or pencil eyeliner. In order to create the branches just take your liquid liner and make some wiggly lines coming off the trunk and off other branches (it's probably easier to look at the picture than me explaining! I'm SO bad at explaining things!!) I then added a dot in the centre of the trunk just because sometimes this is where you will see an owl sitting.

And that is all you have to do for this look, it is super simple but so effective!

I hope you enjoyed this look, it is super simple but just takes a little patience!

Love El
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