Monday, 31 August 2015

Hardwick Hall - Summer 2015

For my cousin's 22nd birthday we visited the beautiful National Trust property Hardwick Hall.

We ended up being so lucky with the weather this day, it was boiling hot and complete blue sky as we walked around and had a picnic but then when we went to the cafe we missed the almighty downpour and thats the only time it rained!

My cousin decided this was the place to go as she found it so interesting and wanted another visit. The stories behind this place are, honestly, really interesting! The second image is actually a ruin of the first house but the owner decided when she moved back that she was actually so rich she'd just build another one next door (wouldn't you love to be that rich?!)

If you ever have a chance to go or to read up about the history I really recommend it, as the story behind this place is a bit more...juicy and scandalous then normal!

And as you'll see, it may have been my cousin's 22nd but that doesn't stop her from dressing up! Although who wouldn't dress up when there are were so many opportunities.

Love El
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