Monday, 3 August 2015

All The Sparkles // Jewellery of the Day

Hi guys and welcome to a brand "Jewellery Of The Day" post! This one, as the title suggests, involves some very sparkly pieces.

Those very sparkly pieces are these Lila Rose Gold and Peach stud earrings. Now I don't know if you have noticed (if you read my blog often) that I have now finally changed my second hole and I think this is a very good debut! Now you can't fully see the extent of the sparkle in these pictures but if you head of to my YouTube video HERE it seriously shows you how amazing they are (plus I'm pretty happy with my editing of this video!)

The next piece of jewellery we have is this gorgeous necklace that was actually from Primark, yeah I know!!! I think I've shown this on my blog before but hey I'm going to show it again.

I love this necklace so much, and for the price of Primark jewellery why would you not buy it!

And finally, I have definitely shown this before BUT it is my knew favourite ring, I love it so much. I have incorporated gold through all of these pieces, and I seriously adore the turquoise stone in this ring. This piece was actually a hand me down from my fantastic grandma, thank you grandma!!

Do you love the look of these pieces as much as I do?!

Love El
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