Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lush Haul (Christmas Products) Part 1

Another haul post for today, however instead of being Autumn themed this one is Christmas themed! As my posts continue into Winter you will learn how much I LOVE Christmas!! 

Anyway getting into this post properly, I received a couple of Lush vouchers a month ago for my birthday and have only just got round to spending them. As my birthday is in October it has become a tradition to ask for Lush vouchers as their Christmas products are my absolute favourites! And they usually come out at the end of October.

Today is part 1 as I haven't actually spent the other voucher yet, but I intend on spending it soon. These 3 products are the ones I get every year and I absolutely love them, they are also all bath bombs.

Left to Right: So White, Golden Wonder, Luxury Lush Pud.

First up we have So White, I absolutely love this bath bombs it just turns the water a pink colour but it somehow makes the water so moisturising! The scent of this is gorgeous in my opinion and makes my bathroom smell so good! The scent is apples, along with the ingredients of bergamot oil and rose absolute which both help to make you feel calmer, and then neroli oil and orange flower, which apparently helps to revive your Christmas spirit!

Next up is Golden Wonder, which is originally in the shape of a gold present but as it dissolves there is an explosion of colours, glitter and stars! Although it isn't that annoying glitter that goes everywhere, because personally I don't like being covered in glitter when I get out of the bath! The smell is made by the mixture of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils that according to Lush will make you feel festive!

Last but certainly not least is the Luxury Lush Pud. Last year the bottom of this was actually purple which made you look like you were sat in a bath of ribena, I actually really liked the purple but this year it is neon pink changing the bath water pink which I do like too. So just like the Golden Wonder bath bomb you end up with many different colours everywhere in the bath! This one is so fun to throw in and look at the colours disperse. Whilst this is in your bath you will be smelling tonka absolute, ylang ylang and lavender oil, now I know some of those sound made up, but apparently they all help to relieve tension, so that is fantastic after a long day!

That is the end of this Lush haul! 
I love all 3 of these products and will certainly repurchase! 

Love El
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